About Us

"Elli" Ltd.

district. Pleven mun..Pleven village Ralevo
with company case № 1052/2004, the BULSTAT 114630921

Construction company "Elli" Ltd, administrative address Pleven, Ivan Vazov № 10 is a right successor of construction work performed by company "Bookmaker" Ltd., Pleven, founded in 1995 and running until 2007 and “Peshtostroene and izolacii” Plevem.
Company "Elli" Ltd. is registered in the Central Register of Professional Builders under Bulgarian law by the commission and the written statement on 0041/05.04.2008.

Company "Elli" Ltd. is a member of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria under the certificate № 160049/07.05.2008

The company develops its activities on the territory of country. The company specializes in:

  • Making insulation for piping, vessels and equipment
  • Making waterproofing roofs
  • Made of refractory acid-resistant insulation magnesia masonry and concrete.
  • Building repairs, finishing, conservation of facades and buildings
  • Acid-resistant coverings for technical facilities


A state appointed engineers and technicians and construction professionals with proven experience and skills in the implementation of our current business and has worked in the former building organizations "Peshtostroene and insulation" and "Construction Force."
We have our own warehouse and factory built to meet modern requirements and standards.
The company has a loyal and trustworthy member of the construction market, implement commitments on time and with the required quality.