"Elli" Peshtostroene and Insulation Ltd has a permanent team of highly skilled managers who have a long experience in Peshtostroene. We have done major renovations Furnace Construction of the glass furnace in "Ruby" Pleven, rotary kiln "Sviloza" Svishtov, tunnel furnace in Letnitsa, hams and more. Carry we Furnace Construction and insulation in MDK Pirdop and basic repairs of boilers Hemus Trojan, Bucharest Romania TPP TPP Rousse and Pleven, Teteven and others.

In the field of building construction workers and managers have long experience before joining the company, having worked on projects in Bulgaria and abroad with German, Italian, Greek and Russian investors to build factories in the town of Pancevo, Serbia repairs in factories such as: Golden Panega Cement, Holcim Bulgaria, Sviloza Svishtov town Kozloduy nuclear power plant and others.

"Elli" Peshtostroene and Insulation Ltd is specialized in the reconstruction of public buildings in recent years we have made many repairs to schools, gyms and stadiums, kindergartens, bus stations, municipalities, town councils, tax offices, and in many other towns of Pleven, Troyan , Vratsa.

 "Elli" Peshtostroene and Insulation Ltd is proud of its highly qualified employees who are well trained professionals and work with quality materials and most importantly - on time.